Pilates for Everyone

Pilates is for YOU

If you have no particular aches or pains but want to keep oiled, mobile and increase your understanding of how your body should move efficiently then Pilates is for YOU.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle then Pilates is for YOU.  All day sitting in a chair takes its toll and is not what our bodies were designed to do. Doing Pilates will make you aware of how you should sit, improve your posture and breathing and give you exercise ideas to rebalance the body and boost your mental energy even whilst standing in front of the water cooler/ kettle!

If you lead an active lifestyle then Pilates is for YOU.  Excessive or repetitive physical activity can also have an impact on your body.  Pilates movements not only helps to rebalance the body, offset the negative effects of over use, help you recover from an injury, supplement the treatment you are receiving, it will educate you on how to make the most of your physical and mental attributes and so improve the performance level in your chosen

It you do a lot of travelling, gardening, housework, DIY, fishing, gym work then Pilates is for YOU.  Pilates will enable you to perform these tasks for much longer and with more awareness and efficiency.  You should still be able to enjoy your chosen activity well into your old age.



Photos courtesy of Sarah Young Photography ©